Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Corner TV Armoire

When you decide to get a corner TV cabinet you will find a large number of styles and finishes from which to choose. The corner TV armoire is both a beautiful piece of furniture and is popular since a corner tv cabinet allows all people in the room to see the tv TV no matter where they are seated. Corner TV stands also save a lot of space and if your room is a smaller one and it will look less crowded.There is a wide a selection of TV stands to choose from.

They range from very plain utilitarian models to the ultimate in style and quality.

A basic corner TV stand may consist of shelves with the TV sitting on the top. These are very much utilitarian, and just right for a room where no elaborate decor is required. The next grade upward from this plain stand is a cabinet which has an open top section to accomodate the TV and is equipped with doors on the lower section of the cabinet which will hold your DVD player and your stereo combo. Such corner cabinets are available in a wide choice of styles and finishes and many are very good looking.

That being said the top of the line in corner TV cabinets is without a doubt the armoire which has doors on both the top area, which holds the TV set, and has in addition,doors on the lower section. A quality corner TV armoire is a stylish piece of furniture which will add considerably to the style and decor of the room. When the TV is not in use the doors are closed and the armoire looks like a large cabinet. The styling of a corner TV armoire can range from ultra modern to antique. Real wood of many varieties is used in its construction. Cherry, mahogany, oak, pine and walnut are always popular choices and in addition many lesser known exotic woods are quite readily available.

Lower priced corner TV armoires can be obtained in pressed wood with an artificial wood grain finish. This can look very nice but of course pressed wood does not possess the quality and appearance of real wood. It is the best option should you need to keep the cost down. The Sauder Company makes a well known line of pressed wood furniture. This arrives in kits for the buyer to assemble and the price is quite reasonable.

The size of armoire needed depends of course on the size of the TV which you intend to display in it. A big screen high definition TV will need a fairly large armoire, whereas a 20 inch TV will fit quite nicely in an armoire around half that size. A big armoire looks out of place in a smaller room . Therefore keep the size required in mind when you plan your room decor. Corner TV armoires are quite definitely the ultimate in a stylish TV corner cabinet and when chosen well to fit in with your decor this can do wonders for the style and comfort of your whole home.
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